Big Real Estate Returns in Texas!

Texas, specifically the I-35 Corridor from San Antonio to Dallas, is projected to continue growing at an above average rate. Combined with a favorable business and tax climate, there are some great opportunities for Institutional Investors, Family Offices, and Accredited Investors to recognize some exceptional returns!

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, a division of the United State Department of Commerce, Texas is the United States’ second largest state economy with $1.62 trillion of economic output in 2016. Internationally, the Texas economy, as measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), is slightly larger than the GDP of Canada and would have ranked the state as the world’s 10th largest economy in 2016. The sheer volume and continued growth within the Texas economy makes it a compelling location to purchase commercial real estate.

Generally speaking, Texas is widely considered to be very favorable to business with strong employment and economic growth over the last several years. The state is also the headquarters to a significant number of the largest businesses in the United States. Forbes ranks Texas number two on their list of Best States for Business.

The Perryman Group, a leading Texas based economic and financial analysis firm, forecasts the Texas economy as a whole to grow at a higher rate than the entire United States as measured by Jobs and Economic Output. Their findings, presented in The Perryman Short-Term Economic Forecast, project the estimated change in jobs from 2016 through 2021 to increase within Texas at a rate of nearly 3% greater than their projected increase for the entire United States with economic output within Texas projected to exceed the entire US by nearly 7%. The Perryman Group produces detailed regional reports within Texas and projects the Texas I-35 Corridor to have growth rates in Jobs and Economic Output notably higher than other regions within Texas.

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