Figure 9 Capital specializes in multi family & student housing development in select Texas markets. The Figure 9 Capital team has developed  an extensive network of connections with local builders and contractors within these markets providing access to relationship-based real estate opportunities that provide better than market returns.

Multi-Family / Mixed Use

With the continued population and economic growth in Texas, Multi-Family real estate presents a multitude of opportunities in and around growing metropolitan service areas. These opportunities vary based upon the market drivers within each area and include everything from high-density urban multi-family and mixed use development projects to townhouse style multi-family development in growing suburban markets.

Through strategic partnerships, Figure 9 Capital has access to premium Multi-Family / Mixed Use development projects throughout the state of Texas.

Student Housing

The overall population growth and enrollment in the University of Texas system has led to the University making arrangements to invest in the expansion of some satellite campuses to handle the increased enrollment. These investments provide the opportunity to develop premium resort style student housing near these growing campuses.

Figure 9 Capital has access to multiple properties that are well positioned for resort style student housing within multiple markets.

Residential Community Development

With a backlog of demand for new homes in a variety of Texas markets, opportunities to develop new residential communities are plentiful. These development projects include an existing pipeline of Fortune 500 builders for pre-sale and bulk purchase of developed lots to minimize development time and optimize investor returns.