The Figure 9 Capital team is focused on building value for investors using a variety of investment strategies and structures. We work with real estate investors in two primary capacities, either serving as a broker in facilitating a transaction for Direct Property Investment, or providing passive investment opportunities through one of our Managed Investment Funds.

The Figure 9 Capital investment philosophy begins with a comprehensive examination of supply and demand indicators within subject markets. We work to identify market condition imbalances or specific property mismanagement that present the opportunity for value-add investments on which to capitalize.

Whether we participate in a direct property investment or serve as a the manager of an investment fund, we take an active role in the real estate asset management, leasing, operations, and capital improvements. This active engagement ensures that each investment receives the appropriate focus on quality and performs financially.

Our team brings experience in real estate investment management, real estate development, asset management, property management, traditional and distressed real estate, and more.

Direct Investment

Figure 9 Capital periodically leads direct investment projects by partnering with a select group of investors for ownership in specific projects or properties. These investments require quick decisions and action to take advantage of opportunities that will allow the investor to profit from specific market imbalances.  We serve as the managing partner allowing investors to passively participate in projects and investments. This enables our investors to potentially diversify their investments across multiple opportunities.

Managed Investment Funds

Figure 9 Capital often works with investors through managed funds.  In most instances, the fund model allows an investor to make one investment that will be diversified across multiple assets. This diversification could include asset type, asset class, investment timing, geographic location, or risk profiles.  Investing through our funds is a passive way to achieve the income you need with the security you deserve.